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About Ryan, Gay Travel Blogger

Why I Travel

Every time I go somewhere new, I build new routines, expectations, and realities. When I return home, I’m more knowledgeable, open, and capable of handling the world as it really is. It can be a fast road trip or a flight to the other side of the world – but either way, traveling forces us to start over.

It was my senior year of college – a time when many of us want to start over. I was wrapping up my journalism degree and starting the job search. At some point I asked myself, “What’s stopping me from traveling?” So I booked a trip and spent a week on the West Coast.

I stayed with a nudist in San Diego. I slept on floors. I had a fish thrown at me in San Francisco. I met scientologists in Portland. I did a few things in Seattle I don’t want to mention.

With every new place, we become a better version of ourselves: more capable of love, understanding, and inner peace.

For more on why I travel, listen to my interview on Relationsh!t. My conversation with Marko and Tony starts at 43:00.

Why I Started TheGayTripper

Travel is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. And I started TheGayTripper to help more people travel.

On this blog, I offer opinions on where to stay, what to see, and what to know before visiting. Sometimes it’s gay bars or gay safety, other times it’s what museums I think are cool. You’re more than who you sleep with – and TheGayTripper is about more than LGBT travel. It’s travel advice with an orientation.

If you’re gay – and on Instagram – then I don’t need to tell you what #gaytraveling looks like (spoiler: hot shirtless people). You’ll get the impression six-packs are required for travel – or that first class is the only way to fly. It’s not true. Travel isn’t easy, but it should be accessible.

For more on why I started TheGayTripper, listen to my interview on Coastless. The conversation starts at 8:25.

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Work With TheGayTripper

I strive to make it look effortless, but TheGayTripper takes a lot of work. It’s a full-time job, which I balance with my career as a freelance copywriter. You can visit my professional website, Crosswalker Creative to learn more about that side of my life.

For familiarization trips, brand collaborations, speaking engagements or questions, contact me at ryan@thegaytripper.com or message me on Instagram @TheGayTripper.

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